Anti Hair Loss RU58841 raw powder

Herbal Supplement

Product name: Semaglutide
Chemical formula: C187H291N45O59
Formula weight: 4113.64
Production standard: enterprise standard
CAS No: 910463-68-2
Storage condition: -18℃
Application: Used for the treatment of type II diabetes or obesity.


Product name Type Assay Application
Semaglutide API For injection 99% Production of injection
For tablets 98% Production of oral preparation
Semaglutide Intermediates Main Chain P29 98% Production of Semaglutide API
Crude product 45%

Our advantage:
  1. Recombinant technology for mian chain
  2. Strong production capacity,stock always more then 2kg
  3. Comprehensive technical support for API and finished product.
  4. Strict control over residual solvent,microorganism and host cell DNA residue.
  5. Cold-chain transportation,rich transportation experience since 2011
  6. Accept small order less then 1grams.
  7. Factory visit is welcomed.

Nutrition Enhancer

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Skin Whitening
Skin Moisturizing
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By 2022, the global sales of Semaglutide preparations will be approximately USD 24.3 billion, in a high-growth phase, with huge development potential.

Arbutin Powder

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