Quinine Base/ HCL / Sulfate Powder

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Quinine Powder usually appears as 3 forms: Quinine Free Base, Quinine HCL Powder and
Quinine Sulphate Powder. 

Quinine Free Base, CAS No 130-95-0, also names as Quinine anhydrous or Quinine hydrochloride
dihydrate, is an alkaloid found in the bark of the cinchona tree and its genus plants. 
Quinine HCL Powder, CAS No 6119-47-7, also names as Quinine dihydrochloride powder, which
is an organic raw material. 
Quinine Sulphate Powder, CAS No 6119-70-6, also names as Quinine Sulfate Powder. 

Lyphar Biotech can supply both 3 forms of Pure Quinine Powder with high purity 99%.
Please contact us freely if you need.

Nutrition Enhancer
Quinine Base Powder

Healthcare Supplements

The main use is to treat malaria buy inhibiting the protoplasma parasite and stopping the acute attack of malaria.

Cosmetic Raw Materials

Skin Whitening
Skin Moisturizing
ChemicalsOther ChemicalsAnti-Oxidant

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