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Product Name: Finasteride Powder
Appearance: White powder
CAS: 98319-26-7
Purity: 98%
Function: Anti Hair loss


Medicine Grade Finasteride Powder, CAS No. 98319-26-7, is white powder, and is used to treat
hair loss for men. Finasteride Medicine Grade is usually sold as oral tablets or capsules in the merket,
which has good reputation among patients.

Lyphar Biotech can supply Medicine Grade Finasteride with high purity, and also has rich import
experiences to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and South East counties. If you wanna to buy
Finasteride Medicine Grade Powder , please contact us freely.

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Healthcare Supplements
Fanasteride Powder is usually sold as oral tablets or capsules in the merket to treat hair loss for men. 
Hair Treatment Chemical

Lyphar Biotech can also provide other anti hair loss ingredients and hair care products. If you need
any of them, feel free to contact us.

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Skin Whitening
Skin Moisturizing
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By 2022, the global sales of Semaglutide preparations will be approximately USD 24.3 billion, in a high-growth phase, with huge development potential.

Arbutin Powder

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