Skin Moisturizing Ceramide Powder

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Product Name: Ceramide Powder
Other Name: Sodium Hyaluronate Powder
CAS No.: 100403-19-8
EINECS No.: 309-560-3
Appearance: Brown Yellow to Pale Yellow Powder

Ceramide Powder is devided into 3 forms according to the sources as follows:
Ceramide 1 Powder is Rice Bran Extract Ceramide;
Ceramide 2 Powder is Wheat Extract Ceramide;
Ceramide 3 Powder is Konjac Extract Ceramide.

Ceramide is the latest generation of humectant developed in recent years. It is a water-soluble lipid substance. It has a similar structure to the material that constitutes the stratum corneum. It can quickly penetrate into the skin and combine with the water in the stratum corneum to form a A net-like structure that locks in moisture.
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1. Barrier effect
Ceramide powder plays a very important role in maintaining the barrier function of the skin.

2. Adhesion
Ceramide powder can significantly enhance the adhesion between keratinocytes, improve skin dryness, and reduce skin desquamation.

3. Moisturizing effect
Ceramide powder has a strong ability to associate water molecules. It maintains skin moisture by forming a network structure in the stratum corneum. Therefore, ceramide has the effect of maintaining skin moisture

4. Anti-aging effect
Ceramide powder can increase the content of ceramide in the epidermal stratum corneum, which can improve skin dryness, desquamation, roughness and other conditions; at the same time, ceramide can increase the thickness of the epidermal stratum corneum, improve skin water retention, reduce wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, and delay skin senescence.

5. Participate in cell function
Ceramide powder exists in the cell membranes of animal and plant tissues. Its molecules expose monosaccharide or oligosaccharide residues to the extracellular space and participate in the reaction with other cells, antibodies, bacterial toxins, and glycolipid head groups of viral envelope proteins. Therefore, ceramide plays a very important role in cell adhesion, regulation of cellular immunity, determination of blood type and as tumor antigen.
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