26 Jul 2022

TUDCA(Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid)

TUDCA,Also called tauroursodeoxycholic acid is 3α, 7β dihydroxycholanoyl-N-taurine, which is formed by the shrinkage between the carboxyl group of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) and the amino group of taurine. Co

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20 Jun 2022

You may want to know more about Fullerene

Material introduction Fullerene (Fullerene) is the third allotrope discovered by elemental carbon, which is a series of closed cage-like all-carbon molecules composed of five-membered and six-membered rings. Any substan

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10 May 2022

More Information about Capsaicin Powder

Overview Capsaicin powder, also known as capsaicin, is an organic compound with a molecular formula of C18H27NO3. In nature, it exists in Solanaceae plants Capsicum annuum and its varieties, which are monoclinic crystal

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24 Apr 2022

Some popular science knowledge about Capsaicin Powder

Do you like adding chili peppers to your food? If yes, then you probably already know about Capsaicin Powder, which causes the spicy taste of peppers. The more Capsaicin Powder a chili contains, the spicier it will be. I

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