30 Mar 2023

Natural Sweetener Thaumatin Powder Food Additives

Thaumatin is super-sweet natural substance protein,Thaumatin Sweetener is extract from nut skin of the natural plant Thaurnatocuccusdanielli. It has the advantages of enhancing fragrance, concealing bitter tast

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01 Nov 2022

There is much specification of Chitosan, you can learn all of them.

Chitosan have much specification, Chitosan, food grade CHARACTER Non-Toxic and Odorless.Off-White orslight yellow powder.Soluble in acid,and insoluble in water,base or normal organic solutions. Application of c

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28 Sep 2022

Basic information of Fullerene

Basic information of Fullerene: Fullerenes are football-shaped molecules made up of 60 carbon atoms. Fullerene molecules represented by C60 are a class of closed hollow spherical molecules composed of five-membered an

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18 Aug 2022

Sucrolose Information

Basic Information: Product name: Sucralose CAS NO.: 56038-13-2 Specification: ≥98% Apprerance: white crystalline powder, odorless, non-hygroscopic. Storage: 2 years at room temperature in proper method. Packing

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