What exactly is Thaumatin?

What exactly is Thaumatin?

As a protein mixture, Thaumatin is derived from the katemfe fruit, Thaumatococcus daniellii, found in the tropical rain forests of West Africa. The fruit is red/orange, contains 1-3 black seeds, is surrounded by a gelatinous substance, and contains thaumatin protein. The sweetness is about 2000 to 3000 times of sucrose, and it is a natural sweetener. Although it is very sweet, its sweetness is completely different from other sugars, and its sweetness acts very slowly. The sweetness lasts for a long time, leaving a licorice-like aftertaste. Thaumatin is extremely soluble in water, stable to heat, and stable under acidic conditions.

Different from other sweeteners, the essence of thaumatin is a kind of protein, which is extracted from tropical fruit African arrowroot fruit. It is a natural sweetener, not carbohydrate, and contains 4 calories per gram. The sweetness is about 2000 to 3000 times that of sucrose, the sweetness is refreshing, low calorie, no peculiar smell, and long lasting. Therefore, only a small amount needs to be added when it is used to sweeten food, but it does not provide calories to the diet.
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What is the use of thaumatin?
Because it is a natural sweetener, thaumatin is used in many products. Thaumatin is often used to increase the sweetness of various foods and beverages. It is also used in cooking, flavoring toddy and as a healthy substitute for sugary foods. Thaumatin is very popular in Australia and the United States, and it is used in many diet drinks and snack foods.
Thaumatin is a low-calorie sweetener and flavoring agent. This protein is mainly used for flavoring, not simply for sweetening. So Thaumatin is often used to conceal bitterness and enhance flavor.

Is thaumatin good for human body?
Thaumatin has been used for centuries and is considered a natural, safe and effective sweetener. Since it is a protein, its metabolism in the body is the same as other proteins, which is the biggest difference from many other sweeteners. Studies have shown that it does not affect blood sugar levels like other sweeteners, nor weight. For this reason it has great benefits for those who suffer from diabetes or high blood sugar. On the other hand, unlike ordinary sugar, thaumatin contains very low calories and energy, but it provides rich nutritions for human body.

Why use thaumatin?
As a natural sweetener, and contains healthy and nutritious ingredients, it is different from other artificial sweeteners (artificial sugar), flavors or additives. It can provide us with the familiar and favorite sweetness, while still ensuring that our body is provided with the deliciousness and nutrition that it deserves.

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