The history of Thaumatin extract Powder

The history of Thaumatin extract Powder

Thaumatin is a natural sweet protein extracted from African arrowroot. Thaumatin extract has many advantages such as natural, low-calorie, safe and non-toxic, and can be degraded into amino acids needed by the human body.

In recent years, epidemiological and basic medical studies have shown that a high-fat, high-calorie diet is closely related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. With the improvement of people's scientific awareness of diet, eating nutrition and health has gradually become the focus of consumers' concerns. Therefore, the market demand for pure natural, low-calorie sweeteners is also increasing. The application of thaumatin powder fits the psychology of today's consumers and the development trend of food additives.

Thaumatin extract powder, also known as African arrowroot sweet and samartin, Thaumatin extract is a natural sweet protein extracted from arrowroot. Arrowroot is a perennial plant of the arrowroot family. It grows in tropical rain forests near Ivory Coast and Sudan in West Africa. Its fruits are reddish-brown triangular cones with black seeds inside. The heads of the seeds are covered with mucus-like white to pale yellow arils. Aril contains strong sweet protein Thaumatin, West Africa has used Thaumatin extract as a sweetener for over-fermented sour wine and bread since ancient times.
The history of Thaumatin extract Powder

In 1979, thaumatin powder was first approved as a natural food additive in the market in Japan; in 1981, thaumatin powder was approved for use in medicines in the United Kingdom, and in 1986 Thaumatin extract powder was approved as a sweetener in food; in 1994, Thaumatin extract was approved as a sweetener in Europe. Flavoring agents and flavor enhancers are used; similar approvals have relevant regulations in Switzerland, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and South America. Subsequently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Food Flavor and Extract Manufacturing Association (FEMA) considered thaumatin to be safe and approved it to be used in food.
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