Natural Sweetener Thaumatin Powder Food Additives

Natural Sweetener Thaumatin Powder Food Additives

Thaumatin is super-sweet natural substance protein,Thaumatin Sweetener is extract from nut skin of the natural plant Thaurnatocuccusdanielli. It has the advantages of enhancing fragrance, concealing bitter taste, improving taste (producing thick and creamy taste), and being able to compete with other sweeteners.For general food and health food. It is suitable for use with sugars such as sucrose in gum, beverages, cold drinks, desserts, bakery products, etc.It can be used as non-calorie sweetener and flavoring agent. It should be combined with carbohydrate sweeteners.It were approved by US FDA used for chewing gum since 1984. Now it were approved by more and more countries.Its performance is white to creamy colorless odorless powder. Its sweetness taste is 1600 times than sucrose, But it still depends on dilution concentration.Its sweetness will reduce in high concentration salt solution and easy souble in water. Also it will loss sweet taste during heating.

Thaumatin Extract can divided into two types:Thaumatin I is a compound of 207 amino acids combined in a straight chain with a molecular weight of 22204.Thaumatin  Powder II is a protein composed of 198 amino acids combined with a molecular weight of 21000±500.

After the World Health Organization Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives reviewed its safety and toxicological issues in 1983, it agreed to be used as a safe additive in June 1985, and its ADI value was not regulated. American Fragrance Researchers believe that it can be used as a recognized safe substance in chewing gum as a flavor enhancer. As for the FDA's opinion, it is currently unknown. There are many other countries and regions, such as Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, Israel, West Africa, Denmark, Switzerland and some other European countries have been approved for use, can be used in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics It is used as a sweetener or flavor enhancer. Undoubtedly, thaumatin is a kind of natural food additive with good development prospects.

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